Hopeful Farm Paints

Registered Paint Horses

Tru High Style APHA # 617,033 and PHA # 13120-2001 Palomino Overo Stallion Sire: Truly A Chief by Positively Grand by Tarzan Terrific x Leo Ramona Top and Black Gypsy Lady by Also Sixx Pax To Go x Reed Flight.Dam: Stan's High Yellow(AQHA) by Grandstan by Wiley Williams x Celeste Levis.As well as being APHA registered Spike is also registered with the Palomino Horse Association,which is the original palomino association that has been around since 1936 and has famous palomino horses such as Mr.Ed,Trigger and Trigger Jr. just to name a few.Spike isn't specifically bred for one discipline per say,his foals are excelling at many different ones such as team penning,gymkhana,eventing,jumping,4-H,showing,lesson horses,breeding and even driving.We have a couple of them pictured on our home page,but most of them our on our HF photo album/ Foals page.Spike is a wonderful stallion who is very easy to deal with on the ground and at breeding season.I know other people who have Truly A Chief offspring and they say the same thing about them.It makes no difference gender wise they have they have great minds and disposistions and willingness to learn.This handsome blue eyed guy has produced almost every horse color there is starting from the obvious palomino,buckskin,bay,smokey black,black,sorrel,grullo,red dun and dun foals.We are happy with what he is producing and enjoy feeback and updates including pictures.Most of Spikes foals are APHA registered,there are a few that pinto registered and a couple that are not registered at all.To check out more horses in Spike's pedigree check out our reference horse page.*Please note we do not stand Spike to the public for breeding.


Spike looking like a newly minted loonie!! I have had several palominos and really like the dark color versus the light color.


A head shot of Spike's pretty head and baby blue eyes.Most of his foals get his head and great dispostion,as for the blue eyes that's a roll of the dice.


Here is a really nice ad my friend did for us advertising our farm and Spike.Designs by Karen Bittner she does awesome work!!!

I always wanted to have a model done of Spike to commemorate what a wonderful stallion he is.I finally did it so I'd have it when I'm an old lady remembering her wonderful horses when I am long out of the breeding business.Katie Q Customs is the business I used and would highly recommend them.


To check out Spike's pedigree click on the http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/tru+high+style

Spike's Dam & Spike As A Foal

Pictured at the top is Stans High Yellow dam of Tru High Style she is 19 years old in the picture and has a buckskin tobiano colt at side who was sired by Texan Bar Time who is pictured on our reference horse section-this mare had 10 foals by Texan Bar Time and was 22 years old when Spike was foaled.She was Skipper W, Leo & Three Bars bred as well as other greats in her pedigree.Pictured below is Tru High Style as a foal out in the pasture.He was a cutey!!!! Thank-You very much to Nadine Hames for the pictures.


To check out the pedigree for Stans High Yellow click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/stans+high+yellow

Truly A Chief

Truly A Chief APHA# 194,319 1991 Black Overo Stallion by Positively Grand x Black Gypsy Lady who was bred by Penny Fredericks of Halliday,North Dakota.This stallion is 15.2hh 1400 lbs and has sired several high selling foals at the Rocking W Sale,Border Breeders,Loud & Proud and Swift Current Sales as well as sales off of the farm he stands at.He has good old working bloodlines as well as some foundation bloodlines as well.This guy sires ranch horses,pleasure horses,trail horses and numerous breeding stock and show stock that have size and color & disposition.I can't say enough about him & can attest that Spike has a wonderful dispostion as do his foals.*PLEASE NOTE HOPEFUL FARM DOES NOT OWN TRULY A CHIEF-HE IS THE SIRE OF OUR STALLION TRU HIGH STALLION AND IS OWNED BY NADINE HAMES OF HAMES PAINTS & QUARTER HORSES IN OXBOW,SASKATCHEWAN.


To check out the pedigree for Truly A Chief click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/truly+a+chief