Hopeful Farm Paints

Registered Paint Horses


HF Tru Imprinted Kid

HF Tru Imprinted Kid APHA # 1,038,532-2014 Palomino Tobiano Stallion by Tru High Style x CL Imprinted Angel.Never thought i would see the day this guy went down the road!! Things change and because we still have his sire and 2 sisters and only 2 other non-related mares he could breed we decided to find him a new home where he could either breed more mares or be gelded and be a riding horse.Banner is going to Raymore,Saskatchewan.To check out Banner's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru-imprinted-kid

HF Tru Mighty Macho

HF Tru Mighty Macho APHA # 1,059,926-2016 Buckskin Tobiano Gelding by Tru High Style x TT Mighty Miss Riskey.Diego is the only colt that i have kept back and gelded as he was intended to be a keeper.I did have an interested party when he was first born,but that fell through and i decided to keep and geld him for my horse crazy niece.Her life was to busy for him and in the summer of 2019 i was asked if i would sell him.I put quite a high price on him and the person bought him.He was bought to be a dressage horse-not serious competition,but dressage non the less.he has a great home and is well cared for as you can see from his picture.Diego is headed to Bathurst,New Brunswick.To check out Diego's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree/hf+tru+mighty+macho 

I'ma Little Teaka

I'ma Little Teaka NPHR #12948-1996 Black Tobiano mare by L M Perfect Tom x Wildfire a unregistered quarter horse mare.Teaka was the first colored mare we got when we had arabians to see if we could get pintabians.We got Teaka along with her solid two week old bay filly at side in June of 2001,her first foal which she had the previous year was a filly colored exactly like her.We got 3 foals from her while we owned her one was a bay and white tobiano half arab colt named Mirage the following year and then a full brother to him who was a solid chestnut with flaxen mane & tail & a blaze and two sock's we registered him half arabian as HF Double Image both were sired by our arabian stallion Rahja.We then bred her to Tru High Style and got a solid palomino filly with a blaze and two sock's we registered with the National Pinto Horse Regisrty as HF Truly Amber.I had always like her sire who was a registered paint and infact owned her full brother before we got into breeding who was a bay tobiano.Teaka was sold after giving us HF Truly Amber and went on to have one more foal a black & white filly for her new owner's before being turned into a riding horse,which she is still doing.Teaka was sold & now lives in Lowe Farm,Mb.To check out Teaka's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/i ma+little+teaka

Cupids Perfect Star

Cupids Perfect Star NPHR# 13376-2001 Bay Solid Mare by Codys Impression x I'ma Little Teaka.This mare was two weeks old when we got I'ma Little Teaka,she was sold once she was weaned to a friend of mine who gave her to me when she was a 3 y.o.We got her back in early july of 2004 and did expose her to Spike a couple of times,she did not catch which was sort of a sign for us as we were thinking already at this point we wanted only registered APHA mares and decided we would sell her,which we did in spring of 2005 to someone who bought her as a riding horse and had her trained for riding.She did change hands to new owner's who ride her all of the time and say she is a great riding horse.Sometimes being a broodmare a necessary occupation for some mares,we are glad she has a good home where she is being ridden and well taken care of.Star was sold & now lives in La Selle,Mb. To Check out Star's pedigree click on the  link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cupids+perfect+star

Apache Princess

Apache Princess NPHR #13306-1995 Buckskin Tobiano Mare by a registered quarter horse stallion and paint/draft cross mare.I bought this mare in october of 2003 as i had always liked her,this mare gave us our first foal off of Tru High Style a look a like filly to her that I named HF Tru Mocha Princess.We also got HF Tru Ginger Snap and HF Tru Wango Tango that were full siblings to Mocha.Apache was well saddle broke and had 4 foals prior to the 3 we got from her.I decided that she deserved to hang up her broodmare duties and sold her to someone that wanted her as a saddle horse.This was a very hard decision and one I regret from time to time as she a very nice mare that produced nice foals.Although it was a choice made for her well being I have yet to find another mare like her & likely never will.Apache was sold & now lives outside of Carberry,Mb.To check out Apache's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/apache+princess+sh


Patches a 1995 Bay Tobiano mare of unknown breeding.I only owned her for about 3 months before I gave her to friend of mine who wanted a nice quiet horse.Patches was headed to auction and was lame on top of it so i said i would take her,i thought she was way to nice for that and was concerned who would end up buying her due to her lameness.I new she was well saddle broke and had great manner's and never considered her for breeding due to her age,she was 14 y.o when i acquired her and lameness was a big issue for her which is why she was auction bound in the first place.This mare is now sound due to good care and good owner's and is being ridden regularily & being used as a lesson horse.Although we never had her in our broodmare band she is a very good looking mare and probably would have thrown nice foals.Patches was  sold & now lives outside of Anola,Mb.

Miss Magoo aka Gooey

Miss Magoo aka Gooey a 2000 Bay Shetland/Mini cross pony mare.This little mare was very sweet & cute as you can tell from her picture.We were going to hang on to her when we had our arabian stallion because he was a small stallion,but then we bought Spike and changed to strictly paints.We only advertised her for sale for 3 or 4 days when a family bought her for their daughter who re-named her Princess and was riding her fairly quickly after getting her.Gooey was sold & now lives in Dauphin,Mb.


Kaluha a 2000 unregistered 3/4 Chestnut Roan Welsh Pony mare that i rescued at 5 1/2 months old in the begining of february 2001-which was a very cold february at that!! She was not halter broke and was still on her mom and wanted no part of being loaded into a horse trailer,it was interesting to say the least as the owner wasn't to happy she was going-that's another story all together.We still had Arabians & I had intended to breed her to my then arabian stallion Rahja as he was on the smaller side and I thought the cross would be nice.The long & short of is i never did breed her to Rahja and after I sold him I kept her around a while as she was so cute and charming.We would put kids on her to be lead around and let none horse people giggle like children when she'd put her nose in the air for a kiss.Kaluha is now happily living with a couple of our friends where she is still a favorite of kids & adults.She had one foal a few years back by their welsh/arabian cross stud which was a very nice filly that is a carbon copy of her only taller & she still put's her nose up for those kisses!! Kahlua was sold & now lives outside of Anola,Mb.

La-Mar Willow

La-Mar Willow 2005 (CAN) B10589 Section B Welsh Pony Mare by Morton's Selwyn x Pajon's State Tradition.I love my paints & quarter horses & will forever have a soft spot for an arabian horse.I also love pony's-my favorite being a welsh pony.I have had several pony's & most of them have been welsh crosses-Willow was the first pure welsh I had owned.She is a section b which is around the 12.0hh mark with the classic welsh pony head that is very refined & very arabian looking.She is broke to ride & has also been line driven in the past.She is good with children that have horse knowledge & now lives with a family that have just that.She is shared by two kids that groom & ride her almost every day.I am told she is the boss of her pasture mates which are 4 warmblood yearlings & thoroughbred/quarter horse cross-gotta love a pony they have no fear.Willow was sold to another family & lives in Dryden,Ontario.To check out Willow's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/la-mar+willow  


RDH Im Shamelss APHA #739,008 Bay Roan Overo Mare by Mr.Shameless x Red Star Lace.I knew this mare for quite a while before i owned her,she was owned by 3 seperate people i knew.One of the people had her for sale along with another mare i ended up buying.She went to 3 different owners before i got her.I had hoped to get a foal from her and a younger stallion i owned at the time,but it never happened.She unfortunately had a bad arthritic knee that seemingly got worse every day and got to the point where her water and feed were side by side and at that she laid down most of the time.I knew the time had come as she was the 3rd mare with a bad knee i had to deal with and the decsion was made to eithenize her which i did with a haevy heart.Run free beautiful Sham.2003-2020

HF Tru Stylen Honey

HF Tru Stylen Honey APHA# 981,642-2010 Palomino Overo Mare by Tru High Style x ISS Leos Rainy Day.Jewel was a Spike/Chrissy cross that we kept until she was 6 years old,we did breed her to a morgan stallion and got a solid chestnut colt.Because we own her father and have her half brother as a stallion prospect and didn't want to have to find another suitor to bred to her every year we decided to sell her-it was a very tough decision.Thankfully I did have someone in mind and approached them and offered her to them and they accepted as they already owned her full sister and the last foal from the Spike/Chrissy cross.She is now saddle trained and can be trail ridden,with the hopes in the future like her sister she will be competeing in gymkhana events more specifically barrel racing-she definitely has the speed for that!! I am glad she found a good home,i do still miss her.Jewel is living in Thunder Bay,Ontario to check out her pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+stylen+honey

Iss Leos Rainy Day

Iss Leos Rainy Day APHA# 622,567-2001 Sorrel Tovero Mare by Leos Sport x Crystal Rain.Chrissy was one of two filly's that started our paint adventure.I liked her the first time I saw her,which was when she was about 5 months old as she was owned by a friend.She was very pretty and had 2 blue eyes & had a larger than life attitude.I bought her at 9 months old.She produced 5 fantastic foals for us,one of which we still own HF Tru Stylen Honey aka Jewel who is pictured on our mares section.Her foals were great looking & had great minds to go along with the looks.She was never saddle trained,but did have good ground manners & was respectful of a person's space.We unfortunately lost her at the young age of 12 to either a heart attack or aneurysm as it happened very quickly.She will not & cannot be replaced & will forever be remembered in our hearts. 2001-2013 R.I.P Beautiful Girl 

Big Time Pine

Big Time Pine APHA #779,328-2004 Black Tobiano Mare by Fritz Leo Pine (QH) x Big Time Dial.Cheyanne was a very sweet kind mare,she became blind at 5 years old and was always quiet and sensible to deal with.Her foals inhereited her wonderful disposition and common sense,they were all easy to halter break and handle.They seemed to know their mom had an impairment and seemed to look after her and in away were her eyes.Due to the fact she was blind,she often walked into or over things,we always had her in pens that were what we called foal safe so she wouldn't get hurt or only minor if she spooked or walked into something.She was in with no more than 2 horses at a time and was fairly high up in the pecking order and was often the boss of her herd mates,our stallion Spike was good with her and like his foals seemed to know she was blind.Unfortunately sometimes horses like people just die and sometimes for no apparent reason.We will never own a horse as quiet and sensible as she was and have no plans on replacing her as there isn't a horse on earth that could. 2004-2016 Rest Easy Cheyanne.

CL Imprinted Angel

CL Imprinted Angel APHA # 760,874-2003 Sorrel Tobiano Mare by RH Mr.Imprint x Miss Sundays Kid Clu.This was my once in a life time horse.She was well bred,fantastic to look at easy to deal with  and I was fortunate enough to get 5 foals from her.This mare was shown when she was still in the U.S,she was a 2 time reserve grand champion and ROM halter mare with 18 halter points earned and one register of merit.Her 2 foals in the U.S are also show horses.She developed an arthritic knee a few years back that just kept getting worse every year to the point where it was completely bowed.Needless to say it made moving around difficult and made quality of life lessen.The hard choice was made to humanely put her down as we had done all that we could to make her comfortable.I will never own another horse of her caliber and glad I had her for 8 years.2003-2018 Rest In peace Halo I hope where ever you are your running with your tail up and snorting.

PPR Rapids Fancy Face

PPR Rapids Fancy Face APHA# 610,435-2001 Sorrel Overo Mare by Rapid Resistence x Bold Willow.Fancy was the first registered paint mare we got and was a christmas present for me at christmas in 2001,needless to say I was very surprised as I had put a deposit on her myself about a month before christmas!! This mare was horse you could do anything to,she was very laid back and extremely smart.We only got one foal off of her which unfortunately was a lethal white filly that had to be euthanized,we then decided we didn't want to chance a 2nd one.So due to her quiet nature and the fact we had people on her including myself to sell her to someone who do something more than breed her.I had her for sale for only two days before she sold and is still owned by the same person who turned her into a great riding horse that excels in gymkhana events and trail riding as well as chasing the odd cow now and then.Fancy was sold & now lives in Fisher Branch,Mb.To check out Fancy's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+rapids+fancy+face

PPR RapidsChinaDoll



  PPR RapidsChinaDoll APHA # 724,514-2003 Sorrel Tovero Mare by Rapid Resistence x Bold Willow.I bought China's dam in foal with her,I already owned her full sister Fancy & really liked her.China was very quiet & easy to deal with,but much like her dam & sister-they all had a stubborn streak in common that I could have lived without.None the less she was a nice girl with good breeding like her dam & sister,we didn't know if we were going to keep her or sell her.Unfortunately we lost her at a young age before we got see her mature.To check out China's pedigree click on the link          http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+rapidschinadoll

Bold Willow

Bold Willow APHA# 424,179-1993 Sorrel Overo Mare by Pac Man x Jae Keen Sue Bar(AQHA) who was a Major Holiday daughter and a Major Bonanza granddaughter.Willow was the dam of PPR Rapids Fancy Face and was pretty much everything disposition wise like her daughter,she was very quiet and was saddle broke and the type of horse you could ride with a halter and lead rope.We bought her in september of 2002 as a broodmare to add to our small herd.She had 4 foals before we got her-including Fancy,she was bred to Rapid Resistence when we bought her and we got a nice filly(PPR Rapidschinadoll).We never did get a foal from her and Tru High Style the three years we had her & I ended up selling her for a toonie to an older lady who wanted a companion horse for her blind appy mare & a quiet horse to ride around the yard,Willow was a touch heavey and this lady had lot's of pasture for her and the other horse.She was a nice mare and although we never got a foal off of her and Spike she is remembered fondly here at Hopeful Farm Paints and now lives in Treherne,Mb.To check out Willow's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/bold+willow

Iss Midway Mac

Iss Midway Mac APHA# 779,310-2004 Black Tobiano Mare by Midway Style x Iss Tobas Image.I bought Skye in april of 2005 as I liked her breeding and her quiet demeanor,we got 2 foals from her both colt's.The first one HF Tru Midway Style a black tobiano and the 2nd one a solid black colt with a blaze and two socks named HF Tru Stylish Mac.Although Skye had fantastic breeding she was on the smaller side,and got huge when pregnant and I think uncomfortable as well.We decided to cull the herd in 2010 and like PPR Rapids Fancy Face & Cupids Perfect Star thought she'd be a better riding horse or more specifically a great kids horse.I only had her for sale for one day before she sold,she was bought for three girls and is doing great in her new career.,Skye was sold & now lives in Lake Francis,Mb.To check out Skye's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/iss+midway+mac

HF Dashin Blue Moon

HF Dashin Blue Moon APHA# 931,821-2008 Black Tobiano Mare by Dashin Duster x Willie Blue The Moon.Luna was out of our mare Gilley and by Dashin Duster a black tobiano stallion the was homozygous for the tobiano pattern.We were going to keep her to add to the broodmare band but decided to sell her when she was a 2 y.o as she had many years to be a mother and was bought to be riding prospect.She is a very nice correct young mare and will throw great foals should her new owner decide to breed her.I am sure I will regret selling her when I see what she throws!!!! Luna was sold & now lives in Frazerwood,Mb.To check out Luna's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+dashin+blue+moon

Classical Sky Bar

Classical Sky Bar APHA# 715,411-2002 Gray Tobiano Mare by Frosty Sky Bar x Classy Fancy Raven.I didn't own this mare probably even a month before I sold her,I acquired her after selling some horses for some people and she was my payment.Very nice mare,I truthfully was not crazy about her color.But she was nice and quiet and was very pretty and was very willing to please mare.She was green broke and I knew someone looking for a horse they wanted to put time on.I figured she'd be perfect and she was,she did go on to be bred to a quarter horse and had a really nice filly.last I heard she and her filly were still owned by the people I sold her to in Hilbre,Mb.To check out Frosty's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/classical+sky+bar

Zeez Hint Of Mac

Zeez Hint Of Mac AQHA # 5070250-2008 Bay Quarter Horse Mare by Famous City Zipper x Miss Kittys Dakota.This mare was bought at the Cream Of The Crop sale in Eriksdale in september of 2008 and was the only quarter horse we have had as a broodmare prospect that wasn't paint or pinto as I loved her breeding Zips Chocolate Chip & Boston Mac.We decided to sell Dixie before we ever bred her as we wanted to cut back on our number of horses and thought as she was only a 2 y.o when we sold her that she had many years to be a mom and should probably be started under saddle first,which has been done since we sold her 2010.Dixie was re-sold & now lives in Raymore,Saskatchewan.To check out Dixie's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/zeez+hint+of+mac

Bolo Miss Gold

Bolo Miss Gold AQHA # 5453276-2012 Palomino Quarter Horse Filly By Sabres Blue n True x Bolo Razadaz Gold.This filly was bought at the cream of the crop sale in eriksdale and I only had her for under two months-she didn't even have a barn name yet!! She was going to be a future broodmare prospect as I wanted a palomino mare to breed to Spike.One of my good friends and a quater horse aficionado thought she'd do well being ridden/shown and alas took her off of my hands.She was a super nice filly & with her good looks would probably do good in the show ring.Her dam qaulified for the world show & her grandfather Kaos Razzledazzle did qualify & go to the AQHA world show.She has since been sold to a home that is going to train her & ride her.Blondie was sold & now lives outside of Steinbach,Mb.To check out Blondie's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/bolo+miss+gold

Razzledazzle Whiskey

RazzleDazzle Whiskey AQHA # 5041740-2007 Gray Gelding by Kaos Razzledazzle x RLM Tequini Whiskey.This guy is one of two geldings on this page,he is the only gelding I have owned other than PC Ginger Snap since I started Hopeful Farm Paints in 2003.I acquired Finn as part payment on a colt I had sold someone,he is a really well bred & a nice looking gelding hat has a fantastic disposition.He is now owned now by someone who rides him almost daily & loves him to bits,which is what you hope for when you sell a horse.I always had a gelding when I was younger & rode a lot & preferred them to a mare-just my own preference!! I know several people who prefer a mare as their riding horse & like the spunk some mares can have.Finn has been sold to a home where he is being used on trails & the odd time to check cows.Finn was sold & now lives in St.Andrews Mb.To check out Finn's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/razzledazzle+whiskey

DC Peptos Cutie

DC Peptos Cutie AQHA # 5681322-2015 Dark Grullo Filly by Muy Bueno Pepto x DC Peppy Jacutie.This filly is cutting/reining bred and has Peptoboonsmal,Old Sweet Martha & Dolls Union Jac right on her papers-very athletic breeding to say the least!! This filly was bought to help someone out who needed a to sell her quick,I new right from the start she'd be for sale as she is bred to work and maybe be a broodmare down the road.She is very nice and quiet and very well put together and will be a really nice horse once shes mature.Peppie was sold & now lives in Central Butte,Saskatchewan.To check Peppie's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/dc+peptos+cutie