Hopeful Farm Paints

Registered Paint Horses

I loved the colored horses way back when as here is me some 40 plus years ago with my first horse who was a Arabian/Pinto cross.I was 7-8 years old and he was about 3 and still a stallion,he was very quiet and I often rode him with a lead rope attached to his halter.

HF Tru Mocha Princess

HF Tru Mocha Princess a 2005 Buckskin Tobiano Mare by Tru High Style x Apache Princess was our first foal by Spike.This mare has got to be my favorite Spike foal she was almost lost due to colic when she was about 5 months old and was at a bit of a ugly duckling at that stage to boot.She definately turned into a swan and is much loved by her owner Victoria,her full sister Ginger is pictured right below her.

HF Tru Ginger Snap

HF Tru Ginger Snap a 2006 Solid Sorrel Mare by Tru High Style x Apache Princess.This girl is currently at the trainers learning how to be saddled,lunged and various other things that a young horse should know.Thanks to her owner Gabrielle for the updated picuture of her,she sure is a beauty.

HF Truly Amber

Here is a current picture of HF Truly Amber a 2006 Solid Palomino Mare by Tru High Style x I'ma Little Teaka.This girl is around 15.0hh and is a good stout mare.She obviously has a good mind as she doesn't seem to concerned that her owner left her to take a picture-she apparently a fabulous riding horse as well and is willing to try pretty much anything she is asked to do.

Truly A Duchess

Here is a picture of Truly A Duchess a 2006 Solid Black Mare by Tru High Style x Virtual Legacy( Paint x Andalusian).This girl is nice and her nice black coat doesn't hurt either,she is is known as a azteca,which is a andalusian crossed with a QH or Paint.Duchess is very refined which is a surprise as andalusian's are known for their thick bodies,she is around the 15.2hh mark.She has been in training and is jumping 3'9 with a rider and free jumps 4'3 feet-which is without a rider.She competes in eventing and is doing very well !! Nice mare.

HF Tru High Leo

Here is a picture of HF Tru High Leo a 2006 Palomino Tovero Gelding by Tru High Style x ISS Leos Rainy Day.This was our first APHA registered colt off of Tru High Style and out first palomino colored one as well.He has turned into a nice riding/family horse that pretty much anyone can ride.He is the type of horse we wanted to breed for when we got into breeding paints.

HF Tru Rainy Day

Here is another picture of HF Tru Rainy Day a 2007 Sorrel Tovero Mare by Tru High Style x Iss Leos Rainy Day trying her hand a team penning.This mare is very versatile and is used for several disciplines-which is what we strive for with our foals.

Here is a picture of HF Tru Rainy Day a 2007 Sorrel Tovero Mare by Tru High Style x Iss Leos Rainy Day.A person should definately get a discount on shampoo from the tack store on horses with this much white!! Thanks for use of the picture Lauren and providing her with a great home!! Nice mare almost identical to her dam and one of my personal favorites.

HF Tru Rainy Day

Here is another picture of HF Tru Rainy Day aka Phoenix and her first foal Tru Rock Star aka Cash a black tobiano Curly/Paint cross colt.Phoenix has been used for riding,lessons,horse shows,team penning & can now add motherhood to her resume'.She is the only horse pictured on here twice,she certainly has done us proud by her accomplishments.She is a very nice mare & we can't wait to see what she does next.

Tru Rockstar

Tru Rockstar a 2012 Paint/Curly gelding who is by Prairie Pharoh (Curly) x HF Tru Rainy Day (Paint).Cash is a grandson of Tru High Style & Iss Leos Rainy Day (Chrissy)he has it all in one nice package.He's got color,conformation,personality and movement and has been trained by his owner to bow,to lie down,he carries a terrier on his back and is a whiz at obstacles-just to name a few of his talents.This young gelding has a bright future a head of him and we couldn't be prouder that he is Spike's grandson!! He is very smart and learns & retains everything he's been taught.We can't wait to see what he does in the future.

HF Tru Mighty Macho

HF Tru Mighty Macho competing in his first horse show where he took hom a 1st and a 2nd!! Not to shabby for the first show,he is an awesome horse and i know there will be many more ribbons in his future!!

HF Tru Heza Pine

HF Tru Heza Pine a 2015 Bay Tobiano Gelding by Tru High Style x Big Time Pine.Amigo was one of the quietest foals we had,he was easy to deal with on every level.He was used for breedng and his foals are pictures below him.he has now started a new chapter and in now being ridden and doing quite well from what i am told.

Amigo's Filly

This 2019 Bay Tobiano Filly is by HF Tru Heza Pine x Hollywood Coppertone,she looks to be nice an correct and has lots of color!!

Amigo's Foals

Here are two other foals by HF Tru Heza Pine the palomino on the left is named Hollywood Blondie and her 2019 Solid palomino colt.The sorrel solid is her 2018 filly.

HF Wango Tango

HF Tru Wango Tango a 2007 Bay Tobiano Colt by Tru High Style x Apache Princess.I probably should have given my head a shake when i sold Apache as she gave me three nice foals including this guy who is pictured at about eight hours old.However i wanted to get into strictly registered stock and Apache was also broke to ride and at this point had produced eight foals and i figured she deserved to just be riding horse from this point on-which she now is.Sometimes you have to put their needs before your own which is what we did as she had given us some nice foals and got us going.I have owned a lot of horses in my life & sold lot's as wellI & do wonder about her & do have the odd pang of regret from time to time.

HF Tru High Time

HF Tru High Time a 2008 Black Tobiano Gelding by Tru High Style x Big Time Pine.Cisco was a nice surprise when i walked out & saw him for the first time-i didn't think i'd luck out & get a black & white-I infact lucked out two more times that year & got two more black & white's!! This guy was really easy to deal with as a foal in terms of halter breaking & picking his feet up,he never gave us a moments grief and is still the same as an adult.He has been saddle trained and is doing well and is still very easy going and laid back & we are very proud that he is one of ours.*Note he is sun bleached in this picture.

HF Tru Stylish Mac

Here is HF Tru Stylish Mac a 2009 Solid Black Gelding by Tru High Style x Iss Midway Mac.This guy was a cute foal with a big white face that gave him the nick name "Pale Face" he was very easy to halter train,handle his feet and just about everything else you have to teach a youngster.He has turned into a nice riding horse,he is very willing and easy to handle and is getting used for barrel racing.To which he is taking without issue,this is what we strive for with our foals-sane with good minds.

HF Tru Midway Style

HF Tru Midway Style a 2008 Black Tobiano Gelding by Tru High Style x Iss Midway Mac.This guy had a rough start in life,he had to have surgery on his knees to correct his growth plates as his front legs were very crooked.Due to all of the handling he got before & after his surgery he is very quiet & easy to deal with.His previous leg/knee issue's obviously have not affected his ability to be ridden,he looks like a good reliable mount and is very flashy.

HF Tru Mighty Fine

Here is HF Tru Mighty Fine a 2010 Solid Buckskin Filly by Tru High Style x TT Mighty Miss Riskey on her way to her new home in fraserwood,she jumped in the trailer like an old pro and promply started eating hay about 3 seconds after i took this picture.

HF Dashin Blue Moon

HF Dashin Blue Moon a 2008 Black Tobiano Mare by Dashin Duster x Willie Blue The Moon.Luna is a really good natured young mare and does everything asked of her.I was going to keep her back to add to our broodmare band,but had the oppertunity to sell her with two of our other youngster's at the time & decided to sell her as part of the package.I am told she has a great mind & is doing great under saddle & it looks like it is the truth from the picture.

HF Dashin To The Moon

Here is HF Dashin To The Moon a 2009 Black Tobiano Gelding by Dashin Duster x Willie Blue The Moon.This guy was another really friendly,quiet foal that you could do anything with.With his obvious good looks and build he has it all!! He is very willing and learns new things quickly under saddle,this was one we were sorry we had to sell.We are glad he's doing well and that he has turned out the way we thought he would.

HF Tru Half Moon

HF Tru Half Moon a 2010 Solid Buckskin Gelding by Tru High Style x Willie Blue The Moon.This guy was a nice foal to have around and never gave us any trouble,i know he is going to be a nice horse when he's fully mature.He will be a great riding /performance prospect,althought the other horses where he now lives are all harness broke and have competed in in combined driving competions-maybe driving is in his future as well.

HF Tru Dark Moon

Here is a picture of HF Tru Dark Moon a 2015 Solid Brown Filly by Tru High Style x Willie Blue The Moon.She is all decked out for Halloween at a Halloween fun show with her owner.This girl has a great mind,willing attitude and is very laid back.I can't wait to see what she'll do once she's all grown up,what ever it is she'll excel at it I am sure.

HF Tru Twilight Time

HF Tru Twilight Time a 2011 Solid Buckskin Filly by Tru High Style x Big Time Pine.This filly was a very quiet,level headed filly to work with as a youngster.I literally walked up to her & put a halter on her & was pretty much leading her within 5 minutes of putting the halter on her,she has been saddled,blanketed,ponied with another horse & has had a tarp pulled right over top of her and has taken it all in stride.She will be an awesome riding horse,her owner Marie as hopes of showing her as well,i am sure she will do well with that as well.

HF Tru Eternal Rain

 HF Tru Eternal Rain a 2012 Palomino Tovero Filly by Tru High Style x Iss Leos Rainy Day.This is a lovely filly,we almost hung onto her to see how she'd mature,but decided to sell her as we still own her full sister. We always said a good home is a must & this girl got one.She is now being shown in local shows and this is one of the pictures that was taken of Topaz recently at a horse show,she is on the home stretch from running barrels!!! On the right her owner A.J receiving a trophy for their accomplishments as a team-way to go you two!!This lovely girl lives in Thunder Bay,Ontario.  

HF Tru Mighty Grand

Here is a testimonial I did for Hoffman's Minerals & Horse products.Santana was only a couple of weeks old in the picture I sent in for the brochure that was being printed for product being sold.

HF Tru Mighty Grand

HF Tru Mighty Grand 2013 Bay Overo Filly by Tru High Style x TT Mighty Miss Riskey.This filly is another well bred,good looking & great minded example of what we want out of our breeding program.She is going to be the kind of horse that will excel in just about any discipline & is going to be a fantastic horse,she is currently doing lot's of clinics to expose her to horse life and has been started in harness before being saddle trained,we can't wait to see how she progresses.Her home is just outside of Calgary,Alberta.



HF Tru Royal Tequila

HF Tru Royal Tequila 2018 Solid Grulla Gelding by Tru High Style x SR Tequila Dream.This is a really pretty gelding,he is a silver grulla with black points.If he had been a she I would not have sold him!! He is performance bred through and through and will excel at pretty much any discipline.I personally think gymkhana,cutting  and even roping,what ever road he goes down he will do it with the great mind he ahs to match his good looks.

HF Double Image

HF Double Image 2004 a Half Arabian Paint Cross Gelding by our arabian stallion Rahja x I'ma Little Teaka the very first paint mare we had here-he was also the first horse we used the prefix HF.This guy is lovely horse and was hard to part with,but we were making the switch from arabians and arabian paint crosses to strictly paints.He is still in New Liskeard,Ontario with the lady who bought him from us Tracey,he is very nice and it's great picture of the two of them.

WF Trulytwomuchclass

WF Trulytwomuchclass a 2004 Palomino Overo Mare by Tru High Style x Two Bob.This a big girl all 16.0hh of her !! Camaro reminds of her sire and from the looks of things it looks like this mare seems to have the quiet disposistion and willingness that spike foals have.

WF Trulytwomuchclass & CC Two Eyed Class

 WF Trulytwomuchclass and her son CC Two Eyed Class a 2013 Palomino Overo gelding.Spike's daughter and grandson sure do look a like,his grandson has the same look in this picture that Spike has.He is also a big boy at 15.2hh at 2 years old!! He will be a tank once he fills out,he is owned along with his dam by Spike's original owner's.


This a picture of "Twitch" a 2004 Bay Gelding from Spike's first foal crop,This guy's dam was a QH cross.Twitch lives in Murillo,Ontario and is being shown.Thanks Alison for the current picture.


Here is a picture of "Lola" a 2004 Palomino Pony Mare from Spike's first foal crop.I still scratch my head at this girl's exsistence,her dam a pony was under 40 inches tall andSpike is 15.3hh!!! I guess where there's a will there's a way! This nice little mare lives in Swift Current,Saskatchewan.