Hopeful Farm Paints

Registered Paint Horses

Willie Blue The Moon

Willie Blue The Moon APHA # 562,398-2000 Brown Overo Mare Sire: Hancocks War Leo by Big Time Emphasis x Heaven Scent.Emphasis,Swift Peg,Stormy Hancock Two and War Leo Bonanza our a few more names on the top side.Dam: Justa Blue Moon by Doctor Blue x Go Ding A Ling by Jos Blue Blood and Gem Bar King.Gilley is performance.halter and working and all around using horse bred.She is a great producing mare,with good looks,breeding and a great mind which is passed to her foals.She is 15.1hh and fairly stocky with good conformation.Her foals have been very quiet,level headed and easy to halter train and teach,i have been told their easy to train under saddle as well.To check out more horses in her pedigree such as Coy's Bonanaza,Blondy's Dude and Air Force One check out our reference horse page.**Check out Gilley's 5 foals-2008 Black Tobiano Mare HF Dashin Blue Moon,2009 Black Tobiano Gelding HF Dashin To The moon-both are by Dashin Duster a black tobiano homozygous stallion.2010 Solid Buckskin Gelding HF Tru Half Moon is by Tru High Style,2013 Solid Chestnut Gelding Compass is a Sport horse by a black 17.0hh warmblood stallion named Gaios.2015 Solid Brown Mare HF Tru Dark Moon is by Tru High Style.All foals are on our foals page and HF photo album.**Gilley has been exposed to Banner for a 2019 foal.


  This is Big Time Emphasis paternal grandsire to Willie Blue The Moon who is Oklahoma bred and lived in Germany for a few years before being owned by Garry Anderson.His sire Emphasis and other horses in her pedigree can be seen on our reference horse section.To check out Gilley's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/willie+blue+the+moon

CL Imprinted Angel

CL Imprinted Angel APHA # 760,874-2003 Sorrel Tobiano Mare.Sire: RH Mr.Imprint by Sockett's Imprint by Sockett who is by the legendary Ratchett.Dam: Miss Sundays Kid Clu is by halter champion Kid Clu who is by Obvious Conclusion by Conclusive.Halo is halter bred though and through,she was bred in the U.S and still has 2 foals there that are also halter bred including her son who is sired by the Kid Clu son LT Kid.This mare is 15.0hh and stocky and has halter horses and world champions in her back ground,she herself is 2 times reserve grand champion halter and ROM halter mare with 18 halter points earned & one register of merit.Her sire RH Mr.Imprint,both grand sire's Sockett's Imprint and Kid Clu as well as both great-grandsire's Sockett and Obvious Conclusion are on our reference horse page with with more show result's and accumulated points.Do to the fact that there are so many big named horses in her pedigree we've put them on the reference horse page as there would be not enough room on this section.This mare is also heavily Skipper W bred on her sire's side,she has the classic baby doll head and there isn't much I can fault her on.She bred by Russel Miller of Auburn,California who is a icon in the halter horse world.**Check out Halo's 8 foals-2006 Sorrel Tobiano Mare Seek An Angel who is by Seek An Impression,2008 Solid Sorrel Stallion LT Spotless who is by LT Kid,2009 Sorrel Tovero Mare Cover Girl who is by Cover Page,2010 Solid Sorrel Mare PPR Imprints Angel who is by Almost Paid Four,2011 Black Tovero Mare PPR Almost A Angel who is also by Almost Paid Four,2013 Palomino Tovero Mare HF Tru Destined Angel who is by Tru High Style,2014 Palomino Tobiano Stallion HF Tru Imprinted Kid who is also by Tru High Style and 2016 Solid Palomino Filly HF Hollywood Angel who is Echo Amos Hollywood a palomino quarter horse stallion.All foals are on our foals page and HF photo album.**Halo has had her 2018 foal,a really nice palomino tovero colt with 2 blue eyes!! He is pictured on our foals and sales page.


This is CL Imprinted Angel's sire RH Mr.Imprint owned by C.S Acres of Fort Pierce,Florida.Her two grandsire's and numerous other horses in her pedigree can be seen on our reference horse section.Halo's past foals can be seen on the HF foals page.Note* Halo has had five foals to date,i do not have a picture of her one of her foals's-a colt she had in the U.S although i am trying to get some from her previous owner in the U.S i will update if i get a picture.To check out Halo's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cl+imprinted+angel

RDH Im Shameless

RDH Im Shameless APHA #739,008-2003 Bay Roan Overo Mare.Sire: Mr.Shameless by Denny's Chance x Speacial Dee.Dam: Red Star Lace by Rhinestone Robin by Mr.Robin Boy x 21 Easter Jewels who is a granddaughter to Painted Jewel.I was not looking for another mare as I have enough,but couldn't pass up this one when she was offered to me!! This Alberta bred mare is a own daughter of the legendary Mr.Shameless and a great-granddaughter on her dam's side to Mr.Robin Boy.Ironically I have know this mare and know a few of her previous owners.When I bought CL Imprinted Angel this mare was also for sale and I looked her then and obviously didn't buy her at that time-I am happy to have her now and look forward to great things with her!! She has had two foals that are on the foals page and his broke to ride as well.**Check out her two foals 2011 Black Overo Gelding by Almost Paid Four and 2013 Champagne Dun Overo Mare by QH stallion Watch Vanzi Skipabar they are on our foals page.**Has been exposed to Banner for a 2018 foal.
Mr.Shameless sire to RDH Im Shameless was owned by Ford Farms of Las,Vegas Nevada.He has many halter points and is superior halter horse to boot.His progeny also are halter and pleasure champions.To check out his pedigree further click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/rdh+im+shameless

TT Mighty Miss Riskey

TT Mighty Miss Riskey APHA # 824,581-2005 Black Tobiano Mare Sire:Risk A Dance who is an own son of Ris Key Business by Cheyanne Moon Bar x Happiness Is.*Ris Key Business is alos the sire of Strait From Texas the all time APHA points earner with over 2000 points.Indian Music is by Easy Walker x Sweet April Music by Cherokee Indain who is the sire of Sacred Indian.Dam:Awesome Scribbles is an own Daughter of Mighty Awesome by Barlink Macho Man x Some Sweet Dreams.I really didn't want another mare and turned Tea down when she was first offered to me,her previous owner persisted because she thought she'd be an asset for us and liked our program and how we interacted with our horses.This mare is halter and performance bred and was bred in the U.S,with her fantastic breeding,good looks and disposistion I could no longer turn her down.Her pedigree was to die for with the above mentioned horses along with Scribbles who was neck in neck with Yellow Mount for all time leading sire of their time & her sire being half brother to Strait From Texas and her dam also being a granddaughter to Barlink Macho Man.Tea is a big mare standing 16.1hh and very stocky,she is very quiet and easy to deal with,horses in her pedigree can be seen on our reference horse section.** Check out Tea's 4 foals-2010 Solid Buckskin Mare HF Tru Mighty Fine,2013 Bay Overo Mare HF Tru Mighty Grand and 2016 Buckskin Tobiano Colt HF Tru Mighty Macho on our foals page as well as our HF photo album page. **Tea has had her 2017 foal,a nice,big black and white colt that is pictured on our foals and sales page.**Tea has been exposed to Spike for a 2019 foal.


 The horses pictured are Mighty Awesome who was owned by Keith Tittle of Bullard,Texas & Ris Key Business owned by Diaman H of New Virginia,Iowa.Both of these stallion's are grandsire's to TT Mighty Miss Riskey.Tea's parents as well as other horses in her pedigree are pictured on the reference horse section.To check out Tea's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/tt+mighty+miss+riskey




PPR Almost A Angel

PPR Almost A Angel APHA # 998,741-2011 Black Tovero Mare by Almost Paid Four x CL Imprinted Angel.Gypsy is fantastically bred she has many big names in her pedigree.She is halter & performance bred,her pedigree is way to extensive to list all of the horses that are in on here-most of them our on our reference horse page.Gypsy was a nice surprise for us as her dam had always thrown solids up until this point,so to get black and white with a full and partial blue eye was awesome!!!!! Her sire Almost Paid Four is by Rock Four a Sonny Dee Bar grandson who is also a half brother to Blue Mark the sire of Blue Max.Her dam is an own daughter of RH Mr.Imprint and also a granddaughter of both Sockett's Imprint & Kid Clu who is her dam's sire.We are very fortunate to own this mare,she'll be a definite asset to our program,she is very quiet,sweet and good natured and is easy to deal with.**Gypsy has had her 2017 foal,beautiful solid buckskin filly that is pictured on our foals and sales page.


The horse pictured is Almost Paid Four sire of PPR Almost A Angel.He was owned first owned by Painted Pasture Ranch who bought him from Rockn W Performance Horses in Webster City,Iowa He was then sold to Lisa Huynh of Redvers,Saskatchewan who re-sold back to the U.S.To check out Gypsy's two grandsire's & other horses in her pedigree pedigree go to our reference horse section.To check out Gypsy's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+almost+a+angel

SR Tequila Dream

SR Tequila Dream APHA # 1,040,347-2014 Dun Tovero Mare by Sire Royal Tequilla x PPR Rapids WhiteAngel.This mare is one I wanted for quite a while,she was bred in Saskatchewan by Sunset Ridge Ranch.Her dam's 3/4 sister PPR Rapids Fancy Face was the first registered paint I bought when I got into paint horses.I then when onto buying Fancy;s dam Bold Willow who was in foal with what would be her full sister.Anyway I love the breeding on this girl,her sire is VERY well bred and is almost 95% foundation quarter horse bred and has horses like Peponita,Doc Bar and Two Eyed Jack and many more greats in his pedigree.Her dam has many well bred paints in her pedigree such as Pac Man,3J Chick Oil,Dual's Reflection and many more.I look foreward to this girls future here at HFP,she is performance bred and know she'll be a great asset to our program.She has one full blue eye and a partial,both have black eye liner.She is very stocky,pretty and is very smart with a good mind.**Karma has had her 2018 foal,a lovely solid grullo colt that is pictured on our foals and sales page.


The horse pictured is Rapid Resistence maternal grandsire to SR Tequila Dream.he was owned for many years by Painted Pasture Ranch and then was sold to the U.S when they got into breeding black & white paints.To check out Karma's parents and other horses in her pedigree go to our reference horse section.To check out Karma's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sr+tequila+dream

HF Hollywood Angel

HF Hollywood Angel APHA # 106,1990-2016 Solid Palomino Filly by Echo Amos Hollywood(AQHA) x CL Imprinted Angel.This filly is royally bred and has RH Mr.Imprint,Socketts Imprint,Sockett,Kid Clu,Mr.Hollywood Zipper,Zips Famous Amos and Zippo Pine Bare on her papers-there are many more just off of her paper's such as Zips Chocolate Chip,Ratchett,Obvious Conclusion and Sonny Dee Bar just to name a few.I was hoping for a palomino filly and didn't care if there was a white spot on her-she has one small hind sock.I knew she'd be a keeper due to her fantastic breeding.Although it will be a little while before she's in the breeding program I can't wait to see her grow up!!


The horse pictured is Mr Hollywood Zipper an own son of Zippo Pine Bar,he is paternal grandsire to Ivy and is very well bred to say the least!! He was owned by K & R Stuart Quarter Horses until he passed away.To check out Ivy's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+hollywood+angel