Hopeful Farm Paints

Registered Paint Horses


 I had more than a few foals when i was younger(25 years ago)prior to getting into breeding & selling them*Most of the foals were crosses usually Standardbred,Draft,QH,Pony or of unknown origin as i had an uncle in the PMU business who didn't have much in the way of registered stock & didn't care what was bred to what.*He did end up getting some good Quarter Horse mares and a couple of  registered stallion's to breed to those mare's as he realized he could get a better buck for the registered foals than he could the grades.*I managed to get a few nice Quarter Horse babies off of him & realized i could also get a better dollar for them than i could for grade foals as well.*I do have some fond memories from those grade foals of yesteryear and the lesson's they taught me about dealing with foals i.e wild ass foals that have been on pasture since they were born until weaning time with out any human contact what so ever and did NOT want to have any part of  human's upon halter breaking time either!!! Here are our foals since 2002 when we started Hopeful Farm Paints as well as foals off of our current line-up of mares.*The foal pictured is HF Tru Mocha Princess our first foal off of Spike.

2018 Foals

HF Tru Imprinted Clu APHA # 108,2337 Gorgeous Palomino Tovero colt born on June 6th that has 2 blues eyes!!Not for sale at this time.
HF Tru Royal Tequila APHA # 108,1549 Solid Grullo Colt born May 10th by Spike and Karma.This colt has it all incredible color,good breeding,good looks and will be able to do quite a few different disciplines.We couldn't be happier with this colt.Note** This colt is for sale and is listed on our sales page.

2017 Foals

HF Tru Mighty Tuff APHA # 107,1709 Black Tobiano Colt born late afternoon on June 12th.What can I say I think the picture speaks for itself.This cutie has been SOLD!!!
HF Tru ImAlmostPerfect APHA # 107,0659 Solid Buckskin filly born early morning on May 6th.She is perfect and is a big girl with legs that don't quit!! This lovely filly has been SOLD!!!!!

2016 Foals

 HF Hollywood Angel APHA #106,1990 Solid Palomino Filly born on June 23rd 2016 by Echo Amos Hollywood(QH) x CL Imprinted Angel.This filly was everything I was wanted she's palomino,royally bred and she's a girl!!!! She is not for sale as I plan on keeping her back to add to my breeding program.



HF Tru Mighty Macho APHA # 105,9926 Buckskin Tobiano colt born on April 22nd by Spike X Tea.This is a nice big colt who is now a gelding,we are hoping to saddle train him and see how he does under saddle.He may be for sale in the future.

2015 Foals

  HF Tru Heza Pine APHA# 104,9992 Bay Tobiano Colt (now a gelding) with a partial blue eye born on May 25th 2015.We are very happy with Amigo,he is going to be a nice big boy!! He should make an awesome trail or working horse for someone as all of the foals from this cross have be easy to train & have great minds & most of them handled by kids-the color is an added bonus!!! He is sold and is living in St.Claude,Mb.




 HF Tru Dark Moon aka Raven APHA# 104,9992 Solid Brown Filly born on May 8th 2015.Even though Raven isn't colored she's still one helluva filly.She has great conformation,build,she is friendly and is very pretty.Once again this cross has produced a nice foal that has potential to be anything.Her siblings have excelled in roping,gymkhana,lesson horse and one is going to be a hunter/jumper when old enough.This lovely filly has been sold and is living in Wawnesa,Mb.

2014 Palomino Tobiano Colt HF Tru Imprinted Kid

  HF Tru Imprinted Kid APHA# 103,8532 Palomino Tobiano Colt born on May 9th 2015.This colt is by Tru High Style x CL Imprinted Angel.He is a grandson of both RH Mr Imprint & Truly A Chief & is also a great-grandson of Kid Clu & Socketts Imprint.His pedigree is way to extensive to list,but his sire's pedigree is on the stallion page & his dam's is on our mares page.There are also lot's of horses on our reference horse section that are close-up in his pedigree.He is the type of horse we have hoped for in years of breeding & is a definite stallion prospect.We are going to keep him back to see how he matures.He is not for sale at this time.

2013 Bay Overo Mare HF Tru Mighty Grand

HF Tru Mighty Grand APHA# 102,5770 Bay Overo Mare born on May 21st 2013.She is by Tru High Style x TT Mighty Miss Riskey.This filly is a granddaughter of Truly A Chief and a great-granddaughter of both Ris Key Business and Mighty Awesome,she has many more big named horses such as Scribbles and Peppy San Badger.We originally sold Santana within having her advertised for 2 days,but due to circumtances with her new owner we bought her back as we knew she was well bred and had lot's of potential.I think I only had re-purchased her for maybe 2 weeks when she was re-sold where as you can see she's doing very well and has been going lot's of horse clinics to learn about life.Santana now lives in Priddis,Alberta.



HF Tru Dark Moon

HF Tru Dark Moon APHA# 104,9992-2015 Solid Brown Filly.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow (QH).Dam: Willie Blue The Moon is by Hancocks War Leo x Justa Blue Moon.Raven may not be colored but she is a very nice filly-very pretty.She has great conformation,is well built & is very friendly & quiet.She should excel at most disciplines & would also be a the type of horse to go down the trail on.To check out Raven's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+dark+moon Raven now lives in Gladstone,Mb


Compass a 2013 Chestnut Sporthorse Gelding by Gaios(warmblood) who is by Gaia who is by a TB stallion,her dam Gala is a hanoverian who was imported from Germany.Gaios is sired by Ilandor who is by Icarus(hanoverian) x Freya II who is a  warmblood.Willie Blue The Moon(PT) is by Hancocks War Leo x Just A blue Moon.This colt is owned by my friend Nadine,she used Gilley for the breeding as they wanted something with a good mind.Nadine does hunter/jumper & has a gelding that is a warmblood/paint/draft cross he is level headed & gets the job done over the fences.The hope is this guy will be the same way,he is very quiet & loves attention now so i'd say that is a very good start.He is almost 16.0hh he and needs to fill out yet. I can't wait to see what he & Nadine achieve together.



  Here is Gaios a 17.0hh black warmblood stallion who is the sire of compass.

HF Tru Half Moon

HF Tru Half moon APHA# 981,958-2010 Solid Buckskin Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Willie Blue The Moon is by Hanocks War Leo x Just A Blue Moon.Bostyn was everything i new the Spike/Gill cross would be right down to being a buckskin-my vision was of a loud buckskin color wise,but what the heck you can't have it all!! This gelding does barrel racing and is also used for roping as shown in this picture,he is apparently good at both disciplines-good for him another example of versatility.To check out Bostyn's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+half+moon Bostyn was sold & now lives outside of Brandon,Mb

HF Dashin To The Moon

HF Dashin To The Moon APHA# 962,349-2009 Black Tobiano Gelding.Sire: Dashin Duster who is by Class Time x Ima Dots Tip.Dam: Willie Blue The moon is by Hancocks War Leo x Just A Blue Moon.This guy is another in your pocket horse & is laways the first to greet you with a winny and enjoys a good scrtatch.this is our second cross to and outside stallion.We have bred to Dashin Duster two years in a row & got this guy's full sister HF Dashin Blue Moon also a black tobiano.We toyed with the idea of keeping this colt as a second stallion prospect due to his good looks,color & of coure disposition.We had put a price on him a decided if we got it we'd sell him-we got our price.Zander is very flashy and looks to be really nice horse to be around,I am told is a good reliable riding horse.His sire is pictured below his full sister Luna's picture & write-up.To check out Zander's pedigree click on the link below.  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+dashin+to+the+moon Zander was sold & now lives in Viking,Alberta


HF Dashin Blue Moon

HF Dashin Blue Moon APHA# 931,821-2008 Black Tobiano Mare.Sire: Dashin Duster who is by Class Time x Ima Dot's Tip.Dam: Willie Blue The Moon is by Hancocks War Leo x Just A Blue Moon.This is another very nice mare,she's friendly,willing & loves any kind of attention.She's got good looks,conformation a nice big hip & the fact she is black doesn't hurt either.We were going to keep her to add to our broodmare band,but thought she'd be a good riding horse for someone so we sold her.She has gone for training and as you can see being ridden & possibly will be started in barrels for barrel racing.To check out Luna's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+dashin+blue+moon Luna was sold & now lives in Frazerwood,Mb Pictured below is Luna's sire.

Dashin Duster the sire of HF Dashin To The Moon & HF Dashin Blue Moon.


Here are the foals from  TT Mighty Miss Riskey "Tea" & "Spike" this cross is a good one.The foals are quiet & sensible with great conformation & build.

HF Tru Mighty Tuff

HF Tru Mighty Tuff  APHA # 107,1709 -2017 Black Tobiano Colt born on June 12th by Tru High Style x TT Mighty Miss Riskey.This is a nice big boy!! He is super friendly and has legs the won't quit.I know I'd get a black and white this year,although I was convinced it was going to be a filly.I am happy with the results and no this guy is going to have a great future a head of him.To check out Scout's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+mighty+tuff Scout has been sold to Thunder Bay,Ontario,

HF Tru Mighty Macho


 HF Tru Mighty Macho APHA# 105,9926- 2016 Buckskin Tobiano Gelding.Sire Tru high Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH) Dam:TT Mighty Miss Riskey who is by Risk A Dance x Awesome Scribbles.We are over the moon with this colt!! He's got great breeding,good looks,good conformation and is very friendly!! We couldn't have asked for anything better-he's a good one!!!! To check out Diego's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+mighty+macho

HF Tru Mighty Grand

HF Tru Mighty Grand APHA# 102,5770- 2013 Bay Overo mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH) Dam:TT Mighty Miss Riskey who is by Risk A Dance x Awesome Scribbles.This filly is bred fantastically,her sire is a son of Truly A Chief & has Skipper W,Leo & Three Bars in his pedigree.Her dam is both a grandaughter to Mighty Awesome & Ris Key Business who is the sire of Strait From Texas-she is also a great-grandaughter to the legendary Barlink Macho Man & her dam was a Scribbles grandaughter-there are many more great names in her pedigree.We are also very happy with this filly's good looks,color,conformation & a great personality-she is going to a fantastic horse.To check out Santana's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+mighty+grand Santana was sold & now lives in Priddis,Alberta

HF Tru Mighty Fine

HF Tru Mighty Fine APHA# 980,753-2010 Solid Buckskin Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: TT Mighty Miss Riskey is by Risk A Dance x Awesome Scribbles.This filly's dam is royally bred & is a grand daughter of Ris Key Business & Mighty Awesome who is a own son of Barlink Macho Man-Awesome Scribbles is a granddaughter of the legendary Scribbles and are not bloodlines commanly found in manitoba.Tango was supposed to be a keeper,but due to her sweet disposition & being very friendly she ended being sold with two of our horses,that were oddly enough keeper horses as well.This filly will excel in more than one discipline & with her breeding should be shown,she was bought for two young girls as a future 4-h project & possibly show horse at a later date once she is and the girls are a little older.To check out Tango's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+mighty+fine Tango was sold & now lives in Frazerwood,Mb


Here are the foals that  CL Imprinted Angel "Halo" has had.She has had a filly & a colt off of Tru High Style.She has had two filly's off of Almost Paid Four a black overo stallion and a filly off of Cover Page a black tovero stallion.She has two foals in the U.S a sorrel tobiano mare who is by Seek An Impression a sorrel tobiano stallion.As well as a solid sorrel stallion by LT Kid  a sorrel QH with lot's of chrome he is the only one of Halo's foals who i do not have a picture of.I do have a picture of  his sire LT Kid who was sired by Kid Clu & who he looks exactly like right down to markings.He is pictured below-it gives you an idea of what he looks like.She has also had a palomino filly off QH stallion Echo Amos Hollywood.

HF Tru Imprinted Clu

HF Tru Imprinted Clu APHA# 108,2337-2018 Palomino Tovero Colt by Tru High Style x CL Imprinted Angel.This guy is perfect ! He has 2 blue eyes with black eyeliner and is loudly colored-which is what I personally like.He laso has great breeding,good looks,conformation and has a wonderful disposistion.

HF Hollywood Angel

HF Hollywood Angel APHA# 106,1990-2016 Solid Palomino Filly.This filly is by Echo Amos Hollywood (QH) x CL Imprinted Angel.She is fantastically bred her sire pleasure bred and is son of Mr.Hollywood Zipper who is an own son of Zippo Pine Bar & grandson of Zips Chocolate Chip.Her dam is halter bred and is a RH Mr.Imprint daughter and is a granddaughter of both Kid Clu and Socketts Imprint-what more can I say with bloodlines like that??

HF Tru Imprinted Kid

HF Tru Imprinted Kid APHA# 103,8532-2014 Palomino Tobiano Colt by Tru High Style x CL Imprinted Angel.Another palomino from this cross & a really nice colt disposistion/conformation wise.This guy is a in your pocket type foal,he literally will run to the gate when he see's you coming.He loves pat's & scratches like most foals do,we are currently not offering him for sale due to the fact that we want to see how he matures.His full sister is pictured below & has a little more pedigree info listed.Horses for both can be seen on our reference sire's section.To check out Banner's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+imprinted+kid

HF Tru Destined Angel

HF Tru Destined Angel APHA# 102,5986- 2013 Palomino Tovero Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH) Dam:CL Imprinted Angel is by RH Mr Imprint x Miss Sundays Kid Clu.This another well bred filly,she has a full blue eye & a partial blue eye.Her dam is by APHA halter champ RH Mr Imprint who is by APHA champion Socketts Imprint.This filly's dam is also a grandaughter of AQHA halter champion Kid Clu-there are way to many greats to list,please check out our reference sire section.Needless to say we are very happy with this girl it is our first foal from Spike & Halo & think it looks like it is a pretty good cross.To check out Destiny's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+destined+angel Destiny was sold & now lives in Alsask,Saskatchewan that is literally on the saskatchewan/alberta boarder.

PPR Almost A Angel

PPR Almost A Angel APHA# 998,741-2011 Black Tovero Mare.Sire: Almost Paid Four who is by Rock Four by Mark IV x Rock Witchy Woman by Zip To Hustle.Dam: CL Imprinted Angel is by RH Mr Imprint by Socketts Imprint x Miss Sundays Kid Clu by Kid Clu.This filly was a nice surprise color wise as she is the first none sorrel her dam has produced,she has a full blue eye & partial blue eye.This filly just keeps getting better & better as she matures which with her breeding is no surprise.There is only one other horse with her breeding in manitoba and that's her full sister who lives outside of Carmen.There are way to many big names in her pedigree to list,they are on the reference horse section of our website.Gypsy is going to be a nice addition to our broodmare band & will be started under saddle as well.To check out Gypsy's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+almost+a+angel

PPR Imprints Angel

PPR Imprints Angel APHA# 986,228-2010 Solid Sorrel Mare.Sire: Almost Paid Four who is by Rock Four BY Mark IVx Rock Witchy Woman by Zip to Hustle.Dam: CL Imprinted Angel is by RH Mr.Imprint x Miss Sundays Kid Clu by Kid Clu.We did not breed or ever own this lovely girl,but we own her dam & full sister and wanted to put her on here as she is well bred with some of this best breeding in manitoba & is an example of what we like in a horse look wise & pedigree wise.To check out Angel's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+imprints+angel Angel was sold by her previous owner's & now lives in North Dakota.

CL Covergirl

CL Covergirl a 2009 Sorrel Tovero Mare.Sire: Cover Page who is by Copy of A Page x CC Glitter Bug Dam:C L Imprinted Angel is by RH Mr.Imprint x Miss Sundays kid Clu.This filly was in utero when Painted Pasture Ranch bought her dam from the U.S.This filly was never APHA registered due to some conflict with the breeder & former owner of CL imprinted Angel in the U.S -There in no APHA pedigree for CL Covergirl-a name i gave her to put her on allbreedpedigree.I can't really say much more about her,i did see her in person & she did have two blue eyes and was pretty much a medicine hat with some color on her chest & bum.She was sold at an auction after she was weaned from her dam.So this will be the likely be the only photo that i will have of her,i have asked PPR to check if they have any more pictures of past foals saved.They thought they did not as they had cleaned out their computer of pictures since they no longer breed paints.I put her on here to show what her dam who we now own has thrown in the past.*Note this filly was sold at an auction & that's all I know unfortunately.Check out her pedigree on http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cl+covergirl

Lt Kid Sire Of Lt Spotless Halo's Colt In The U.S

Here is the sire to Halo's 2008 solid sorrel colt Lt Spotless who i have seen pictures of via APHA Plus and he is an exact carbon copy of his sire!! Lt Kid is quarter horse stallion who is by Kid Clu x Justa Little Fantasy.He is also both a grandson of Obvious Conclusion and Mr.Conclusion.I have tried in vain to get some sort of picture of him for the website from Halo's previous owner in the U.S who is still un-cooperative for what ever reason.So this is the next best thing.Check out his pedigree http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lt+spotless  

Seek An Angel

Seek An Angel APHA # 863,129-2006 Sorrel Tobiano Mare by Seek An Impression x CL Imprinted Angel.This mare is big time halter bred,her sire Seek An Impression is a champion in superior halter & is a multiple halter point earner.Her dam is a two time reserve grand champion & rom halter mare with 18 halter point earned & 1 register of merit.Her sire is a great grandson of Mr.Impressive & Sky Bug Bingo & her dam is an own daughter of RH Mr.Imprint as well as a grandaughter of Kid Clu and Sockett's Imprint.She is pictured here is a yearling halter class that she won.Due to the fact that there is more than one Seek An Angel on allbreedpedigree i am unable to post the link. 
Here is the first foal from PPR Almost A Angel she is by our palomino overo stallion Tru High Style.

HF TruImAlmostPerfect

HF TruImAlmostPerfect APHA# 107,0659-2017 Solid Buckskin Filly.Here is our first foal a beautiful filly from our mare PPR Almost A Angel.We are VERY happy with this filly she is a nice big sturdy girl,with 3 socks,a star & a snip.She's very pretty and the color doesn't hurt either.To check out her pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+truimalmostperfect Brandy was sold and is going to Rosslyn,Ontario.
Here is our first foal from SR Tequila Dream he is by our palomino overo stallion Tru High Style.

HF Tru Royal Tequila

HF Tru Royal Tequila APHA # 108,1547-2018 Solid Grullo Colt by SR Tequila Dream our lovely dun tovero mare.This is the first foal for Karma and she is an awesome mother!! We are very happy with him,he has a blaze with no white on him.He is nicely put together and will excel at most disciplines.To check out his pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+royal+tequila

Here are foals that RDH Im Shamelss has currently had,one is by Almost Paid Four a Black Overo Stallion and the other is by a Champagne Quarter Horse stallion Watch Vanzi Skipabar.

PPR Spartan

PPR Spartan is a 2011 Black Overo Paint gelding by Almost Paid Four who is by Rock Four x Rock Witchy Woman.His dam is RDH Im Shameless by Mr.Shameless x Red Star Lace.There is no record of him being registered with the APHA and due to the fact there were over 20 other horses named Spartan on all breed pedigree I put the PPR in front of his name as I know that's who his breeder was.Regardless this looks like a really nice horse and to check out his pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+spartan this guy lives in Ontario.

HA Champagne On Ice

HA Champagne On Ice APHA# 102,5988 & ICHR # PT 2013-0898-2013 Dual Registered Champagne Overo Mare by champagne quarter horse stallion Watch Vanzi Skipabar by Skip Two Vanzi x Slippers Dusty Bar.Dam RDH Im Shameless by Mr.Shameless x Red Star Lace.A very nice mare bred by the daughter of the lady I bought Tru High Style from-love her color!!!!.To check out her pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ha+champagne+on+ice

Here are some of our past foals from some mares that we no longer own that were bred with Spike.*Note a couple of foals are from Spike's previous owner & there are also a couple from our arabian stallion who we owned before Spike & one off of Rapid Resistence a sorrel tobiano paint stallion once owned by Painted Pasture Ranch.*These are the foals that we have had since we have been Hopeful Farm Paints.*Like any breeder will tell you you have good times when you have a nice healthy foal & bad times when you lose or have to put one down.*Which unfortunately we have had happen on more than one occasion.*Here are the ones that are our success stories.

HF Tru Heza Pine

HF Tru Heza Pine APHA# 104,9993-2015 Bay Tobiano Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow (QH) Dam: Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine (QH) x Big Time Dial.We were surprised when Amigo was born as we figured we would get a another solid as Cheyanne had thrown one colored foal up to this point and he a partial blue eye to boot!!!-needless to say we are very happy with him.This is a big colt with good conformation,he will be a big solid horse that will have a great mind as all of the foals from this cross do.He should be able to almost any discipline & will look good doing it color wise & physically.I can't wait to see how he turns out as I think he's going to be very fancy boy.To check out Amigo's pedigree click on the link                              http://www.allbreedpedigree.com//hf+tru+heza+pine Amigo was sold and now calls Rathwell,Mb home.

HF Tru Impulsive Pine

HF Tru Impulsive Pine APHA# 103,2006-2013 Solid Bay Colt.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH) Dam:Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine(QH) x Big Time Dial.This colt was born later than most foals- yes he was planned & we are very happy with him.He is big,correct & very pretty & will have a good mind like his four full siblings before him.He will be a great riding prospect for someone & should excel at most disciplines,he will be very quiet as all of the foals off of this mare are & she is 90% blind.To check out Maverick's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+impulsive+pine Maverick was sold & now lives near Russel,Mb

HF Tru Eternal Rain

HF Tru Eternal Rain APHA# 1013,167-2012 Palomino Tovero Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow Dam:Iss Leos Rainy Day is by Leos Sport x Crystal Rain.This filly is a really nice girl,she's got 2 blue eyes,great conformation,good looks,great breeding and is very sensible for a youngster.Once again the cross of Spike & Chrissy paid of as i literally didn't have this girl advertised for a week before she sold.She is going to be a really nice horse and is being used has a riding horse & has recently been introduced to the show ring doing barrel's & poles and halter.Click on the link to check out Topaz's pedigree. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+eternal+rain Topaz was sold & is now living in Thunder Bay,Ontario

HF Tru Twilight Time

HF Tru Twilight Time APHA# 998,200-2011 Solid Buckskin Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine(QH) x Big Time Dial.This is a big correct,well built filly-she is very firendly & quiet and follows you around like a dog.The Spike & Cheyanne cross always produces this kind of foal,they are easy to halter break,pick up and trimming their etc....I think this filly is the best of the three of foals we've gotten with this cross.Her full brother & sister are nice there's no doubt about it,but there is just something about her-she will definately be versitile in more than one discipline.To check out Sassy's pedigree click on link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+twilight+time Sassy was sold & now lives in Richer,Mb

HF Stylish Maestro



 HF Stylish Maestro 2015 chestnut colt by Maneline Ansons Maestro x HF Tru Stylen Honey.This guy was born just about a month early & is the smallest foal I have ever seen off of a full sized horse,i guess it could be partially due to the fact that his sire was a purebred morgan who wasn't very tall.He spent most of his brief life laying down/sleeping we did get him up every 45 minutes or so to nurse & he did so with no problem & even pooped a couple of times so we thought he had a shot.Unfortunately he would lay right back down after he'd eat and need our help to get back up.He eventually went down hill fairly fast & we lost him dispite our best efforts and Jewel's-who was an awesome mom for the brief time she was one & considering this was her first foal.To check out his pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+stylish+maestro

HF Tru Stylen Honey

HF Tru Stylen Honey APHA# 981,624-2010 Palomino Overo Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Iss Leos Rainy Day is by Leos Sport x Crystal Rain.We owned Jewel until she was 6 years old,we did breed her and got a solid chestnut colt.Due to the fact that we own her father and brother and they are used as our stallions and also the problem of finding a stallion to breed her out to and hauling her there & so forth we decided to sell her-not an easy decision by any means.We were fortunate enough to sell her to a repeat customer who owns her full sister who also happens to be the last foal we got from Chrissy.Jewel has been started under saddle as you can see from the picture and hopefully eventually Jewel will have the knack for barrel racing and other gymkhana events like her sister does!! I am glad she'll have a chance to do something other than being just a broodmare,which is why we let her go.To check out Jewel's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+stylen+honey Jewel will be living in Thunder Bay,Ontario.

HF Tru Big Shot

HF Tru Big Shot APHA# 984,650-2010 Solid Bay Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH) Dam:Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine(QH) x Big Time Dial.This colt was born without a white hair on him!! Which when you breed for color is the gamble you take.He like all of Cheyanne's foals was easy to deal with & really wasn't a problem with anything we asked of him.He was sold & headed to kenora,ontario with his new family,i know he was gelded & made the trip safely without any issue's-hopefully i will get more info o him i the future.To check out Sage's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+big+shot Sage was sold & now lives outside of Kenora,Ontario

HF Tru Classy Pine

HF Tru Classy Pine APHA# 959,561-2009 Brown Solid Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief  x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine(QH) x Big Time Dial.This girl may not be colored but is nicely put together & very quiet & loves people.I can't say enough about how quiet & sensible she is,she was halter broke & leading at just over one month old with out any issue's & was awesome with her feet & getting them trimmed for the first time.She is going to be fairly big girl height & build wise and will be a great riding horse prospect for someone,she is my favorite foal for 2009 foal crop & is one of my favorite's of all of our foals so far and is another one i'd keep in a heartbeat-again can't keep em all.To check out Jazzy's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+classy+pine Jazzy was sold & now lives in Frazerwood,Mb

HF Tru Gold n Style

HF Tru Gold n Style APHA# 960,060-2009 Palomino Tovero Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Iss Leos Rainy Day is by Leos Sport x Crystal Rain.This gelding has it all color,good looks & a great build,he was bought as a show prospect & should do well.Spike & Chrissy outdid themselves with this guy & has certainly done us proud to say he is one of ours!! To check out Shilo's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+gold+n+style Shilo was sold & now lives outside of Oakbank,Mb

HF Tru Stylish Mac

HF Tru Stylish Mac APHA# 961,474-2009 Solid Black Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Iss Midway Mac is by Midway Style x Iss Tobas Image.This guy was Jet black when he was first born he was on the smaller side,but had a big personality & was very sweet on top of it.This was our last foal for the 2009 foal crop & was month behind the foal born previous to him.He may be on the smaller side as his dam is only 14.1hh,he will make a great child/lady horse.He is laid back & was easy to train,to check out his pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+stylish+mac Jet was sold & now lives in Lethbridge,Alberta

HF Tru High Time

HF Tru High Time APHA# 931,820-2008 Black Tobiano Gelding.Sire:Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Big Time Pine is by Fritz Leo Pine(QH) x Big Time Dial.This guy was a nice surprise color wise when i saw he was black & white!! Cisco is a big boy at nearly 16.0hh & stocky to boot.He has recently been started under saddle & is doing quite well,he very quiet & sensible which is no surpise to us as the Spike/Cheyanne foals always are always quiet.To check out Cisco's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+high+time Cisco was sold & now lives in Silverridge,Mb

HF Tru Midway Style

HF Tru Midway Style APHA# 935,140-2008 Black Tobiano Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief  x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Iss Midway Mac is by Midway Style x Iss Tobas Image.This guy is a really quiet gelding,he very friendly and is saddle trained and apparently is a really nice riding horse & loves going on trail rides.To check Rio's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+midway+style Rio was sold & now lives outside of Oakbank,Mb

HF Tru Rainy Day

HF Tru Rainy Day APHA# 899,534-2007 Sorrel Tovero Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Iss Leos Rainy Day is by Leos Sport x Crystal Rain.This mare could be her dam's twin,she has 2 blue eyes,good looks,great breeding & personality to go with it.I really liked this girl & toyed with keeping her,but alas you can't keep them all as much as you'd like to.Phoenix ended up at a really good home and is being ridden & even shown a bit,i knew she'd be a good horse at whatever she did.She had a really nice black & white colt in 2012.To check out Phoenix's pedigree click on the line http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+rainy+day Phoenix was sold & now lives just outside of Dacotah,Mb

Ebony Rose

Ebony Rose 2007 Solid Brown/Black Filly by Tru High Style and a black quarter horse mare named Raven.We bred this mare when we bred to outside mares and infact this was the last foal from an outside breeding.We really liked this mare and thought she'd produce a nice cross with Spike-which she did.My last report on this filly was when she was about 3 and getting started under saddle.I am sure she turned out to be a nice reliable riding horse,she was a very sensible foal from what I remember of her.Her dam's paper's were M.I.A and so needless to say this girl was never registered,which doesn't matter to everyone and didn't to her owner's as they weren't planning on breeding or showing her at any show's that would require her to have papers.

HF Tru Wango Tango

HF Tru Wango Tango 2007 Bay Tobiano Colt.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow.Dam: Apache Princess by Skips Badlands(QH) by Skip Tres Bar x Engine Trouble.Apache Princess's dam was a unregistered draft/pinto mustang cross named Cherokee.Poncho is a full brother to HF Tru Mocha Princess and HF Tru Ginger Snap.Even though the dam of this colt & his two full sister's was a cross,she certainly threw nice foals for us.I have always stated i wanted to only breed registered stock,but am the first to admit sometimes pedigree & paper's don't matter as was the case with this colt.To check out Poncho's pedigree click on the link. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+wango+tango Poncho was sold & now lives in Alameda,Saskatchewan

HF Tru High Leo

HF Tru High Leo APHA # 869,149-2006 Palomino Tovero Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: ISS Leos Rainy Day is by Leo Sport x Crystal Rain.This guy was a feisty little bugger when he was a colt!! he kept everyone on their toes and I think drove his dam crazy with worry at times with his naughty shenanigans and larger than life attitude.He is a pretty horse with one blue eye,good conformation and breeding.He is primarily used as a riding horse-as you can see he is a good reliable mount.He has also been to a few fun shows where he did good in pole bending and barrels-I am told he is fast.To check out Blue's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+high+leo Blue was sold and now lives in Portage La Prairie,Mb

Truly A Duchess

 Truly A Duchess NPHR# 135374-2006 Solid Black Mare.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief  x Stans High Yellow.Dam: Virtual Legacy is by Virtoso(andalusian) by Teodoro x Hilera to Stormy Western Sky(paint) by Silver Western x Whiskey Whirlaway.This mare was the result of an outside breeding,she is what is known as a Azteca her dam is a Paint/Andalusian cross.This girl was a surprise as we thought she'd be loudly marked because her Dam is pretty much a 50/50 Brown/Black Tobiano.This young mare has started a show career in eventing and can jump just about four feet effortlessly!!To check out Duchess's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/truly+a+duchess She is a nice example of a none Paint or QH cross to Spike.Duchess lives outside of Oakbank,MB

HF Truly Amber

HF Truly Amber NPHR# 134726-2006 Solid Palomino Mare.Sire:Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam I'ma Little Teaka is by LM Perfect Tom by Performers Pride x Baladis Buckeroo.I'ma Little Teaka's dam was a unregistered quarter horse mare named Wildfire that had a registered quarter horse sire with Poco Bueno bloodlines.This girl was really a nice surprise color wise for us as we never thought we'd get a palomino she was also very leggy when she was first born-her legs were almost as long as her mom's.To check out Amber's pedigree click on link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+truly+amber Amber was sold & now lives in Lowe farm,MB.  

HF Tru Ginger Snap

HF Tru Ginger Snap NPHR# 134727-2006 Solid Sorrel Mare.Sire: Tru High Style by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam Apache Princess by Skips Badlands(QH) by Skip Tres Bar x Engine Trouble.Apache Pricess's Dam was a unregistered draft/mustang cross named Cherokee.This mare looks nothing like her full sister pictured below her,she is however a very nice looking girl to say the least!!To check out Ginger's pedigree click on link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+ginger+snap Ginger was sold & now lives in Ile Des Chenes,MB

HF Tru Mocha Princess

HF Tru Mocha Princess NPHR# 134641-2005 Buckskin Tobiano Mare.Sire Tru High Style by Truly A Chief  x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam:Apache Princess by Skips Badlands(QH) Skip Tres Bar x Engine Trouble.Apache Princess's dam was a unregistered draft/mustang cross named Cherokee.This was the first foal for us from Tru High Style and our only foal for the 2005 season.We are very happy how this mare turned out and know that she'll be a good family horse for the people who bought her.To check out Mocha's pedigree click on link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+tru+mocha+princess She has a good mind to go with her good looks.Mocha was sold & is now outside of Stonewall,MB.

WF Trulytwomuchclass

WF Trulytwomuchclass APHA# 774,015-2004 Palomino Overo Mare.Sire: Tru High Style by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Two Bob by Two Page Pistol(QH) x DocDee Bobby Too bred by Weslak Farm.I finally recieved a current picture of this mare,she's certainly nice and a lot like her sire.This mare was a nice edition for Tru High Style's previous owners who tell me that she is a hair under 16.0hh,and will be started under saddle this year.To check out Camaro's pedigree click on link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/wf+trulytwomuchclass This girl was bred by & still is owned by the people I bought Tru High Style from in Hadashville,MB.


Lola is a 2004 Solid Palomino Mare.Sire:Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow(QH)Dam: Misty a pony who looked like she was a shetland/mini cross.Bred by Weslak Farm.This mare was a surprise for the people we bought Tru High Style from,she looks nice and is her sire's color and i think Lola is extremely adorable!!Even though we are not the breeder's i thought I'd put her on here to show what Tru High Style has previously thrown to us owning him and what he's throws bred to other types of horses.This lovely pony mare now resides in a new home in Rocanville, Saskatchewan.

Truly Baileys Spirit

Truly Baileys Spirit aka Spirit 2004 Sorrel Overo Colt.:Sire Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief x Stans High Yellow (QH).Dam:Baca Leo Bailey (QH) who is by Big Bar Bailey x CK Sweet Sugar (QH).Bred by Weslak Farm this colt was from Tru High Style's first foal crop,his dam was sold to Ontario while in foal with him.He was never APHA registered but the name was picked out for him and he is on allbreedpedigree,I don't know much more about him other than that-it says on the back of the picture his barn is Spirit.He is nice looking from what I can see of him & like most of Spike's foals he has his fathers head.I know his dam was sold in foal with him to Timiskaming,Ontario .To check out Spirit's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/truly+baileys+spirit



Twitch is a 2004 Solid Bay Gelding.Sire: Tru High Style who is by Truly A Chief  x Stans High Yellow(QH).Dam: Foxy Two Eyed Jinx(QH) by Show Bar Jinx x Miss Candy Mac Miss.Bred by Weslak Farm.This gelding is another one of the foal's for Tru High Style's previous owners.I thought this guy was a really nice color so I put him on here to show the different colors of Tru High Style's foals and his knack for jumping!!Twitch has been shown in open shows and he has done quite well with that and has started a jumping career this past year to which he is doing quite well at jumping nearly the 4 foot level which for 14.3 hh horse is darn good!!Even though we aren't his breeder's we happy that he is good at jumping & is apparently doing well at it.To check out Twitch's pedigree click on the link-which has the name used when he is being shown as he is not registered http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/wf+tru+two+eyed+style Twitch now lives in New Liskeard,Ontario

HF Double Image

HF Double Image CPHR # 1A 05330 is a 2004 Registered Half Arabian Chestnut Gelding sired by Rahja(arabian) who's by Sunburst Capriel by MC Burdine x Jezzmur.Rahja's dam is Dakila who's by Sahara Shaman x Royaza.Image's dam is I'ma Little Teaka(paint)by L M Perfect Tom(paint) x Wildfire(QH).This guy is off of our previous stallion that was a arabian and a paint mare that we used to own that sort of set the wheels in motion for us to go strictly into paints-he was also the first foal registered with the HF prefix.This guy was sold out to ontario where he was to be used primarily as a riding horse and is pasture pet the rest of the time!! He was the foal that got me into the breeding bug,i had bought mares in foal in the past and have owned a couple of other stallions in the past one being a Dartmoor pony i owned with a friend of mine-he was a little bugger that thought he was a clydsdale!! I was loaned Image's dam for breeding to see what i would get color wise,the first colt Mirage(pictured below Image's write-up) was a bay tobiano colt that the people who loaned me the mare got for use of the mare.Anyway when my colt arrived and i helped deliver him with the help of a couple of my friends the first thing i saw was a blaze and a white front leg-he was three and half weeks over due and was very big!! His dam was extremely tired and we literally pulled him out and cleaned him up,i was a little disapointed he wasn't colored like his full brother,but was very happy he was chestnut with some chrome.Now the dilemma was as we had aquired a couple of more paint mares including Image's dam I'ma Little Teaka and now had a bit of a stallion issue.Rahja was a gray arabian stallion that was 14.1 hh and wasn't bred to throw color,but my problem was he and i had a great relationship as i had known since he was three days old and owned since he was four months old and wasn't to keen in parting with him.My friend had a friend that i new sort of in passing getting out of breeding that had a paint stallion for sale and thought i should go and see him.I did go see him and the long and short of it was i now had a arabian stallion and now a paint stallion as well and that wasn't going to work in the long run so i sucked it up and sold Rahja and was a little resentful of our newest addition for a while.Now i  know i made the right decsision and do think of Rahja a lot who last i heard was bought for as a stallion for being used on section b and c welsh pony mares-as for Image he still and always will have speacial place in my heart.To check out Image's pedigree click on the link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hf+double+image Image was sold & now resides in Devlin,Ontario


Nico 2004 Chestnut gelding by Rahja by Sunburst Capriel x Dakila and a half Arabian mare named Mariah whose dam was a daughter of arabian stallion Minotaur.This was a cute little guy who was very friendly and curious and easy to deal with.He went to a little girl who I believe still owns him today.


Sahara a 2004 gray filly by Rahja by Sunburst Capriel x Dakila and Nicki a half arabian mare sired by DR Bravissimo.This was the last foal off of our Arabian stallion Rahja that we had bred before we sold him.This filly was a nice quiet girl with great conformation & as you can see was quite stocky for a 3/4 Arabian.Her owner was using her for a riding horse when I was given a update on her,which was a while ago.


Cricket a 2004 by Rahja by Sunburst Capriel x Dakila.Her dam PPF Emerald was a welsh pony mare.Cricket was the result of an outside breeding to the person who eventually ended up buying our Arabian stallion,who was then used exclusively on welsh pony mares.I think it's a great cross with lot's of heart & the pretty factor doesn't hurt either.

PPR Rapidschinadoll

PPR Rapidschinadoll APHA# 724,514-2003 Sorrel Tovero Filly by Rapid Resistence x Bold Willow.I bought Bold Willow after we bought her daughter PPR Rapids Fancy Face the previous year.Fancy was very quiet and i knew Willow was as well and she was for sale re-bred to Rapid Resistence,so i figured two for one why not.My husband and i were there when China was born and were very hapy when we realized it was a filly as we could keep her as a future broodmare prospect as she was born the same year we bought Tru High Style.She was a very nice quiet girl and had promise,sadly for us it wasn't meant to be and we lost her at six months old.We almost threw in the towel,but friends of our told us stuff happens and we persevered Unfortunately any picture i have of her was before i owned  a digital camera and these were the last and most recent pictures i had of her.China is long gone,but she is the reason we kept on breeding as she was our first registered paint foal that was foaled at Hopeful Farm.To check out China's pedigree click on the  link http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ppr+rapidschinadoll


Mirage a 2002 Bay Tobiano Gelding by Rahja by Sunburst Capriel x Dakila.: Dam I'ma Little Teaka by L M perfect Tom by Performers Pride x Baladis Buckeroo.I'ma Little Teaka's dam was an unregistered QH mare named wildfire with Poco Bueno  bloodlines.Mirage is a full brother to HF Double Image we only owned him until he was weaned at about 5 months old as the people who owned I'ma Little Teaka at the time let us use her in exchange for a foal off of her and Rahja.They sold him about a year later at a sale so i do not have any updates on him and these are about the only pictures of him that i have which puts him at 3-5 months old,i know he was gelded before he was sold and that he was fairly quiet and tall-hard to believe when both of his parents were short!!The grey horse in the background of the first picture is his sire Rahja and as you can tell he was just about as tall as his sire who was only 14.1hh and his dam is in picture #2 the black and white mare behind him she was also about 14.1hh and again his sire is the grey horse right beside him in that picture as well.This guy was not registered so to see his pedigree see HF Double Image as they are full brothers.He was later sold at an auction & that's all I know unfortunately. 

R S Windstorm

R S Windstorm CPHR # 1A 04779 aka Storm is a 2002 Registered Half Arabian Chestnut Mare from our previous arabian stallion Rahja and a wonderful pony named SweetPea that belonged to friends of ours.This girl was an experiment to see what we would get off of a pony/arabian mating and we & her owners were very happy with the results to say the least!! Rahja went on after we sold him to sire a few more foals off of a few pony mares that were very nice like Storm-Can you say adorable!!! To check out Storm's pedigree click on the link.http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/rs+windstorm Storm now lives outside of Moosejaw,Saskatchewan.